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Making a Meal of It: Fermentation (podcast)

New Scientist: Miso paste made in space opens up new frontier for fermented foods


Yale Sustainable Food Program: Alumni Interviews | Joshua Evans '12


Canada's National Observer: Why we should send miso – not billionaires – to space

Wall Street Journal: Is Kokumi the Next Taste Sensation?


MOLD Magazine: Fermentation as Care (print)


BBC News: Crickets have hit the high street – can they save the planet?

BBC Radio: You and Yours


The Globe and Mail: Eating insects no panacea

Rolling Stone: 25 People Shaping the Future in Tech, Science, Medicine, Activism and More

Fine Dining Lovers: Joshua Evans’ Fermentation Experiments

Cookery by the Book (podcast): On Eating Insects

BBC Wildlife: Meet the Author: Josh Evans

Heritage Radio Network: Snacky Tunes: On Eating Insects (podcast)

Forbes: Why Eating Insects May Not Be As Sustainable As It Seems

Barbican Blog: BUGS at UK Green Film Festival

The Takeout: The ever-growing case for eating insects

NY Mag / Grub Street: Can an Expert on Gourmet Bugs Finally Convince You to Enjoy Bugs As Food?

DVTV: Švábi mi nechutnají, ale cvrčky mám rád, říká při ochutnávce milovník brouků Emmě Smetana (tv)


Wired: How to Make Baby Bees and Other Weird Stuff Great to Eat

Artem: Странная едаЕшь жуков, спасай планету: когда еда из насекомых станет нормой (Eat Insects, Save the Planet: When Food From Insects Becomes the Norm)

Inverse: Why Eating Bugs Won't Save Us, but Letting Them Chew Up Awful Food Systems Will



National Geographic: Beyond Taste Buds: The Science of Delicious

PM: Ameisen? Köstlich!

Publico: Há mais mundo para comer? Claro que sim, dizem Josh e Roberto

IBM People for Smarter Cities (video): Nordic Food Lab: On a Quest for Deliciousness

Continente: Vai uma baratinha crocante aí?



NORD no. 5: Fremtidens Kjøkken

Gizmodo Australia: Are Insects The Future Of Food?

The Guardian: How insects could feed the world

New Statesman: Lovely grub: are insects the future of food?

Ars Technica: Lovely grub: are insects the future of food?

Gizmodo: Are Insects the Future of Food?

BBC: Could insects be the wonder food of the future? 

Mosaic: Lovely grub: are insects the future of food?

MIT Technology Review: Fun with Food: One Lab's Quixotic Quest for New Flavours

Elle India: Food crawl

Stadt Land Food: Officially, I'm a 'Researcher'... Interview with Nordic Food Lab

Yale Daily News: Evans talks Nordic Food Lab [photos]

the Foodie: Nordic Food Lab: Είναι τα μυρμήγκια το νέο φουα γκρα (Are ants the new foie gras?)



Culinary Institute of America: The Nordic Food Lab (video)

The Guardian: Cooking with insects - a minibeast maxifeast (video)

BBC News Europe: Insects source of protein instead of meat (tv)

Radio-Canada: Bien dans son assiette - Le Nordic Food Lab (radio)



Cereal Magazine, vol.1: All Aboard the Food Lab





Irish Examiner: Darina Allen: A taste of the future at Food on the Edge


MIT News: Five MIT Payloads Deployed on the International Space Station


The New York Times: Why Aren’t We Eating More Insects?


Village Voice: 2017’s Best Food Books for Woke Readers (and Eaters)

Atticus Review: The Hard Part Is Not the Taste

The Guardian: The best books on food of 2017

Village Voice: Foodie doc ‘Bugs’ Makes a Spirited Case for Chowing Down on Insects

New York Times: Review: Bugs Is a Culinary Adventure. Insects Never Looked so Yummy.

Journal of Insects for Food and Feed: Book review: On eating insects: essays, stories and recipes

Food & Wine: What Do Insects Taste Like?

The Tenderloin: On Eating Insects: Essays, Sories and Recipes, reviewed by David Maclean

In Good Taste: Review: On Eating Insects

Condé Nast Traveller: Shake Your Honeymaker

Forbes: Why Eating Insects May Not Be As Sustainable As It Seems

Times Literary Supplement: Just not crickets

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