‘Endless Convivial Experiments’. Fermenting Feminism, Medical Museion (Copenhagen).

‘The Kimbucha’. Fermenting Feminism, Royal Academy of Art (Copenhagen).

‘Mapping Microbial Multiplicity’. Royal Geographical Society Conference (Cardiff, UK).


‘Microbial Landscapes’ (plenary). Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.

‘Microbes and Food Fermentation’. Making Microbes Public workshop, University of Oxford.

‘Insect Silver Bullet’. Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.


‘Interdisciplinarity in Practice’. Cambridge Critical Theory Seminar.

‘Entomophagy and Power’. Insects as Food and Feed—An Interdisciplinary Workshop, Oxford Martin School.

‘Future of Food’ Panellist and ‘Eating Insects’ Workshop Leader. Eating Through Time: Food, Health & History, New York Academy of Medicine.

 ‘Asian Foodways in and out of the Nordic region’. Food, Feeding and Eating In and Out of Asia, University of Copenhagen.



Novel MisosFermentology Speaker Series, NCSU Applied Ecology. [video]


‘Re-creating Life’. Exhibition: ‘Recreation’ at Etage Projects (Copenhagen, DK).


‘Microbial Geography’. Circumference, Århus Food Festival (Århus, DK).

‘Novel Fermentation, Microbial Evolution’. Space Fermentation Workshop, MIT Media Lab.


‘Aquaculture Otherwise’. ArktiskMat Arctic Food Fesival (Mosjøen, NO).

‘Fermentation, Symbiosis, and Care’ Panelist. Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Peryton Gallery (Copenhagen).


Speaker and Guest Chef. ArktiskMat Arctic Food Festival (Mosjøen, NO).

‘Brooding with Bees’. Multispecies Play Space, Roskilde Festival (DK).

‘The Science of Flavour’ Panellist. Terroir Symposium, (Toronto).

Q&A and talkback with BUGS screening (New York).

Q&A and talkback with BUGS screening, Silliman College, Yale.


‘Living well with wasps’. 21st Australian Gastronomy Symposium (Melbourne).

‘Scripts and Improvisation’ (plenary). 21st Australian Gastronomy Symposium (Melbourne).

Speaker at 360 Science Film Festival, Moscow Polytechnic Museum.

Q&A Panellist at Guardian Live event for documentary film BUGS (London).

Presenting world premiere of documentary film BUGS at Tribeca Film Festival (New York).


Speaker at CPH:CONFERENCE, Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival.

Master’s Tea Speaker, Calhoun College, Yale.

‘Tasty Rot’. EU research network MicroWine kickoff meeting (Copenhagen).

Speaker at Danish national political festival Folkemødet (Allinge, DK).

‘Using Your Guts’. Sangue na Guelra Symposium (Lisbon).

‘Eating Well with the Woods’. UNECE/FAO Food for Forests/Forests for Food Conference for the International Day of Forests, United Nations Headquarters (Geneva).

‘Insects as a Delicacy’. Insects for Food and Feed Debate, Agronomists Academic Union (Copenhagen).

‘Food Diversity and Deliciousness’. Wellcome Trust Foundation Board, Medical Museion (Copenhagen).


‘Insects!’ and workshop. Salone del Gusto (Torino).

‘Food Diversity and Deliciousness’ + workshop. Stadt Land Food, Markthalle Neun (Berlin).

‘Cooking the Subnature’. Subnature and Culinary Culture, Duke University.

‘Food Utopias’ Panellist. Subnature and Culinary Culture, Duke University.

Alumnus speaker, Yale Sustainable Food Program, Yale University.

‘Food Diversity and Deliciousness’. Mistura Festival (Lima).

‘Food Diversity and Deliciousness’ and workshop. Skanör Falster Matfestival (Falsterbo, SE).

‘Insects as a Delicacy’ and tasting. UNFAO/Wageningen UR Insects to Feed the World Conference (Wageningen, NL).

‘Food Diversity and Deliciousness’. William Angliss Institute (Melbourne).


‘The Illustrious Life of Fish Sauce’. Australia Gastronomy Symposium (Newcastle).